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Art of Motion Event

I have had the opportunity to work with kool. Party Rentals a few times and I can’t say enough about how great this company and their staff are. One event we used their clear acrylic dining tables for a corporate event for 450 in the middle of the dessert.  We designed the colors of the sunset for the tables to glow long after the sun had set, it was an amazing look.  I also used Kool for a very large event of 1,000 attendees in Las Vegas, renting 100 of their acrylic tables.  The program was designed to color code the tables as to Regions so that it would be easy for them to find what table to sit at during the awards dinner.  It not only worked logistically but was a huge WOW factor when guests walked in.  Just as good as the product is their staff stayed in constant communication and worked around what was at times a challenging time schedule to get the job done.  Their prices are the best on this type of product I have found, I only wish they were in every city we design in!  Thanks Kool for rocking my events!

Christie Cook

Art of Motion Events